OptiLedge® is a unique solution reinventing how custom and unique products are palletized.


  • Reduce pallet weight from the 45-60 lbs of traditional pallets to 2.4 lbs per pair
  • Build your pallet to the size of your product
  • Reduce pallet storage space
  • Enhance customer experience with easily recyclable components
  • Exempt from Europe, ISPM, heat treat requirements



Ideal for rigid, non-compressible loads, such as furniture, metal boxes, and other solid non-flexible items; allowing you to create a pallet that fits your load. When not in use, OptiLedge® is nest-able, taking up 97% less space than traditional wood pallets. A 53 foot trailer for example, holds approximately 630 wood pallets; that same trailer can hold around 14,720 pairs of OptiLedge®.

Another benefit of OptiLedge® is that it is recyclable (curbside in many areas), helping to meet your environmental goals and enhancing your customers experience. Revolutionize how you palletize and ship your product.


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