POS Paper: What's trending?


Point of sale receipt paper (POS Paper) is something most of us deal with on a regular basis but don't think much about. The POS industry is changing, and here is what's happening:

Traditionally POS paper is made with BPA (BisPhenol A) which is used as the activator/developer in the paper. In the last several years there has been a push to move away from BPA, to Phenol Free paper. These phenol free options are healthier than BPA and work just as well.

Whether your receipt paper has BPA or not, there is a trend that is moving away from receipts all together. Many companies can now look up your previous purchases using your credit card - eliminating the need for receipts to process returns or exchanges. Digital receipts (text and email) are emerging into the marketplace, and this trend is cutting down on the use of paper, while still allowing people to keep track of their purchases.

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