Custom stretch wrap and custom tape can offer you much more than containment of your products. Individually these can provide added security and deter tampering and cargo loss. Clear stretch or tape can easily be tampered with, and replaced by anyone who has these generic supplies in their warehouse. Using custom stretch or tape will reveal outside alterations to your original package or pallet set up.


  • Tinted stretch offers a visual shield for your product
  • Instant recognition of shipment tampering
  • Colored stretch can differentiate between destination,
    product, customer, etc
  • Documentable support for freight claims
  • Brand recognition with custom logo stretch

funko stretch



  • Marketing: displays your name/message on every box
    while en route to your customer
  • Customer colors/letters cannot be easily duplicated-
    tampered shipments are easier to spot
  • Provides objective data for submission when filing a claim

custom tape

"Kalani Packaging helped Funko improve pallet
security through the use of printed stretch film."

-Liz Lawson, Funko Warehouse Manager